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Hello everyone! I have not written anything in here for a very long time and I think that there were a number of things that were preventing me from doing this. I've been so busy lately with everyday life and also massive research on things that have blown my mind beyond what could be explained.

First let's start off with the everyday stuff. I have a new job at The Children's Museum working security. I work from 14:30 to 23:00 except for Wednesday's and Thursdays. I have been also working a lot of overtime trying to start to save money for the wedding next year, a vehicle and a little tattoo work done. I worked seven days last week with 25 hours extra in overtime. I am pulling an extra ten hours this week and will see what I can get next week. The job is great and has amazing benifits to it. I can't go into all of them, because in the employee hand book there were four pages of them. It couter balances the nine dollars an hour, yet with the overtime it's working out and especially since I live only three blocks away. I don't have to drive or take the bus there.

Maryam and I are starting to really save for the wedding and get things organized for a year from now on June 20th of next year. We have ideas how we can cut costs, but still make it a cool and fun wedding.

We also have her son Jacob this week and it's been fun. Jacob knows now that Maryam and I are getting married. He said to me this week that he is happy about because he will now have two dad's. To be honest it made my heart melt and I could not be happier. I didn't have a father growing up and most of my male role models were either gone or  lived far away. I want Jacob to have what I didn't have in the parent department.

A crazy thing happened yesterday while Maryam, Jacob and I were swimming with Maryam's sister and her children. Everything was going well until Jacob and one of Maryam's sisters daughters  were near the deep end.  One was having a problem staying afloat and grabbed onto the other. They yelled for help and I jumped in and got them. It was a scary moment, because they were so close to going under and they paniced. Both of them are okay and all of us were relieved that it could have been worse.

Other than that on the everday stuff is that I am going to be selling some of my video's, books and most of my comic books. With the shifting economy and the higher prices of everything, I'm going to start preparing for the worst. If I have to sell some of my stuff to put towards things that we need I will.

Things are getting tougher now with everything from the economy, to high gas prices, to rising food costs and natural disasters. I'm really starting to think ahead on the problems that could arise once this downturn really starts to snowball. I said in a blog a few months ago for everyone to get ready for a down turn and it seems what I've been seeing buiding is coming about. I do fear for the future, but I am trying to keep a level head about everything, but with all the research I have been doing on what has been predicted is starting to take effect.

We are seeing right now massive flooding from the Mississippi and it will cause mass inflation of everything in the Midwest. We will also see more and powerful storms coming our way all over the world as we have seen with the recent cyclone and all the tornadoes that have hit all across our region. The media will cover it, but will not confirm or deny that it is because of climate change.

The climate change that is happening could be a mix of our own faults with pumpine all those green house gases into the air as well as sunspot cycles that are going on the sun. There is also going to be a change in our eliptical rotaiton of the earth that could cause the changes as well.

We are on a cusp of great change and some of it is not for the better. We have lost our touch with nature and in that we have become almost a virus on the earth. Seeing the earth from space at night and you can see the lights of the major population areas and how they sprout from a source and move out. It reminds me of how virus' work. With this disconection from nature we have disrupted the balace of the planet. While politicians bicker in Washington about the climate, many conservites block any type of reforms that could be making to change the way we do things. We don't have enough time to make the nessesary changes needed to help our civilization. With this snail's pace reform, we, the citizens of this country and the world, are going to pay dearly for the inaction of our leader. If we are to fight this, we need a green revolution that would have to get everyone involved to change our situation. We don't have much time.

I know this sounds like a cynical point of view, but from what I am seeing in progress to meet these goals I think we are falling short of our responsibilities to the planet and ourselves.

Also with the coming date of December 21, 2012 we must ask ourselves if the prophecies of many different people from all different parts of the world are atleast somewhat accuate. I have studied many of these and most of them come up with the same thing. I just finished a book called "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis" and in that he goes into detail about a shifting of the polar axis of the earth. These prophecies were recorded in the 1930"s and the 1940's. Most of his predictions have been accurate save a few, but to know about a polar reversal in that time for being who he was. He was a very simple man that helped out so many people for free from  medical problems and some of his other predictions have come to pass. I recommend that book for anyone wanting to know about the possiblilty that Atlantis did exist and that a polar reversal help cause its destruction. It also makes sense to me that they could have been a pyramid culture and when Atlantis was destroyed some escaped to different sides of the Atlantic ocean that remainders of their culture would still be seen in those cultures in Mesoameric and Egypt.

Other prophecies turn to now as times of shifting in the global communities with the coming of more earthquakes, storms and floods. What is happening now? All of that is and it's getting more frequent. We are coming up on an alignment in 2012 that would put our sun on the galactic horrizon with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. In the center of our galaxy is a black hole. The magnetic fields of that mixed with the magnetic fields of our sun and our earth will cause a shift of the poles. Our planet could be shifted on its axis to either an entire flip of the poles or a 90 degree shift.

This would cause all the tectonic plates to move, land would be shifted, some land would go underwater, while other land would rise out of the ocean. Volcanoes would errupt on a massive scale, the weather would go ballistic with the changes and the rotation of the earth might change to be going to other way. That means that the sun would rise in the west and set in the east. Our whole way of life would change and we would have to adapt. This why I am devising steps to be ready for such an event. It might not happen, but with what I have researched it all is falling into place with recent events.

Other prophecies include the Mayan calendar, the Hopi indians, Mother Shipton, The sybil prophcies, Nostrodaumus, the oracle of Delphi, the Aztec calendar, the prophcies of Merlin, the I-Ching and many others have all centered around this date. Even though Edgar Cayce's prediction were more for around the year 2000, a lot of his prophecies have happened.

It's a scary thought and not many believe that we are heading for this. With these times of turmoil of war, extreme weather, shortages in food, earthquakes and other things we must start to ask ourselves what we can do to be prepared.

I know I must sound a little loony right now, but this is the information I have seen and I am urging everyone to do the research themselves. It is very important.

Maryam and I are discussing buying some land out in the country east of Indianapolis. Edgar Cayce predicted with the pole shift that the Great Lakes would spill into the Mississippi almost cutting the United States in half. We are already seeing what massive flooding of the Mississippi can do. Yet in his predictions he said that parts of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio would be mildly okay. That is why I am wanting to get land out in the middle of nowhere. To stock up on food and supplies to have things ready for a possible disaster.

We also want to get more intune with nature again. We need to find what our society has lost and that is to be in flow with nature, not running against it. Her and I have planted our own garden, we recycle what we can and we are learning on how to waste as less as possible.

I say this with all sincerity about what I have uncovered. I want all my friends and family to be safe. As this blog seems to be all doom and gloom, it's only a suggestion for you guys to do the research yourselves. If anyone needs to talk about this or has new imformation to be shared please let me know. Until then I will try not to make my blogs so apocolyptic, but I will write about the things that connect with these prophecies and theories.

I hope everyone is doing well, we are here and we are getting used to the new house. We've had some problems here or there, but for the most part its been good.

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I don't have that much time to post. Maryam and I are moved with some great help from our friends that worked through the crappy weather. Now we are putting the house in order. I am going to be working on it a lot this weekend. 

I will write more later when I get things organized.

Other than that I ran into a book I have not read in years at Borders yesterday. It's "Batman: The Killing Joke" and it's out in hard back now. Heath Ledger used it as one of his influences for playing The Joker. It gives The Joker's origin. Good read!
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 I won't be posting again until Wednesday since that is when we are going to have our cable back on at the new place. Tomorrow is the move and I am fucking tired right now. We are still packing after midnight and I'm worn out. 

That's all I have for now. Talk to you all in  a few days.
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I would like to apologize to any friends that I have seemed to ignore as of late. I say this in all sincerety that I have not called anyone because I don’t wish to speak with them. Quite the contrary, I wish some people would call me more just to see how I am doing. I guess I used to make a lot of calls at times, but didn’t get many call backs. I would usually get voice mail and no call back. This I have gotten from friends I have known for years.

I can understand when times seem darker than they are and I have been dealling with a lot of darkness lately. Not to sound all gothic or anything, but things have come to light that are very oppressive in my thoughts, memories of my early childhood that vex me to no end and I want to see a counciler about. I have not really talked about it too much, because I wanted to keep it under wraps. Which I will still not talk about it in such a public forum, because I really don’t have enough space to put it all here.

Everyone has dark points in their life that scar them even in their adult life. What I am dealing with is something undenialbly uncomfortable and I know now how that has affected me in my life. The only things to do about it now is to face it and see if that can fix problems that have existed in my life since I was little.

Maryam has been so good for me in many ways. She has lifted me from this person who was scared of himself to more of a stable personality. Though its been a long hard fought road with my emotions, she has been there to balance me out and bring things out of me that have been long since hidden. It’s funny how she challenged me and almost everyone that I have had in a past relationship just didn’t want to deal with it. I don’t think they had the emotional chops to deal with themselves. I am happy that Maryam’s and I’s relationship just keeps getting better with time.

I do not wish to ignore my friends in anyway, but I have been quite busy with the move and money has been really tight. We have not really gone out for reasons of saving money and my work has cut my hours down to two days this week. It really sucks and I am out looking for another job as well as dealing with this move. With using the time to pack or either rest between packing, its been interesting. I have not asked for help, because I feel since I have the time off I should be the one packing. Also I don’t want to ask any friends to help me pack, but hopefully they might help with the move.

I started smoking again lately and I can already feel I need to stop. I know some of you are going to give me a really hard time. Stress is no excuse for me to start smoking again. My lungs ache and I feel like an idiot for smoking again. So I am going to kick this again, because I have more to worry about now than just myself.

Now I must go pack some more and get ready for work. I keep everyone updated on the move.

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The leader of the free world
Expanding beliefs
Of only a small amount of 
The score of population
is only for the task

Pollitical upheaval engulfs
The unstable country
With Babylon at it center
The two rivers filling with blood
All for the black crude
That flows in the veins
And pools under the waring nation

It is not God that they force,
But a way of governing
To bring foriegn values
To a place overran by chaos

The cultures clash
In a new inquisition
One that is called new
Yet brings old war tactics

Divide and conquer
Bleed the resources dry
Then move to the next crusade

Past present and future
Spiraling out of control
Into a vortex of uncertainty

The law of a foriegn land
To take over Babylon
To take the blood money
For those who use it unwisely

A terror lies in wait
The other coutries moving
To attain allies in the region
The dark blood is key to survival
And the power of control

As the grip tightens
More allies fall through the fingers
Of the hold
On this apex of a bigger war

It's building
Bigger and faster
Unrest in the world
And one super power
Is starting to fail


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Could this just be a reminder of how much the world is angry at us? With companies advertizing of a more conquered America, even this is of an old map from the 1800's, this still puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Also on the news China has just made a deal with Syria to put in an oil producing factory. With all the fuss about China lately and the Olympic games, it just makes me think that we are seeing a prelude to an even bigger conflict. Of one that would take the whole world by storm. As hints of political unrest intensifies, the ressession coming faster, the war in Iraq not having any real advances and the high rise in energy costs; all this makes me think something in brewing in the world. It's a powder keg and the fuse is about to be lit. I see this everday on the news.

This add is only a small metaphor for the feelings of the world towards the U.S. I don't have any great answers for this, I'm just worried.

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 Check out some new pics of Joker mayhem......

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Yesterday as I was about to leave work I sat one more table and it happened to be people for the Obama campaign. Little did I know that I was seating the widow and son of Robert Kennedy.

It was pretty damn cool to actually get to meet them and shake their hands. I let them know I am part of the Obama campaign here in Indy.

I was given some Obama stickers and a button by another  memeber of the campaign.

It made the rest of my day better to meet those so connected to some of our country’s most historical figures.

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Maryam and I found a new place and we move in on April 12th. It's on a good part of West 31st Street and has a few nosey old people on the block. That's fine, atleast they will help watch the house when we are away. 

Her and I have just been busy packing and have not had time for much else. Tonight I think we will relax since both of us were not getting much sleep lately. 

All things seem to be going well right now. I'll keep you all posted.
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Ray Park as Snake Eyes from the live action G.I. Joe movie coming out next August.
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